On February 8, 1973, Gary Young suffered a crippling injury from a logging accident that changed his life forever. This accident -- which nearly cost him his life -- transformed him both physically and emotionally and would eventually impact the lives of countless people in ways he could have never imagined.

Gary was raised in the central mountains of Idaho on a ranch with no indoor plumbing or electricity. Learning at an early age to survive off the land, he left home at age 17 to seek his fortune in the wilderness of Canada. He homesteaded 320 acres and began building a sizable ranching and logging operation. It was here that he suffered a near-fatal logging accident.

After three weeks in a coma and four months in intensive care, Gary found himself paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for life, according to the doctors' prognoses. Following two years of intense pain and depression and three suicide attempts, he resolved to regain control of his life. He fasted on juice and water for almost a year and finally regained sensation in his toes, marking the beginning of his long and painful road toward recovery. Later he embarked on a worldwide investigation of natural medicine, from herbology and acupuncture to nutrition and naturopathy. This relentless research coupled with an iron determination enabled him to eventually regain his mobility and ability to walk.

By 1986 he was able to run a half-marathon, finishing 60th out of 970 participants.

Worldwide Search for Truth

After receiving a master's degree in nutrition and a doctorate in naturopathy, Gary opened a family practice in Chula Vista, California, and a research clinic in La Mesa, Mexico, where he conducted cutting-edge research in many areas of natural healing. His work was of such magnitude that in 1985 he received the Humanitarian Award from the State Medical Examiner's Office of Baja, California (one of only six ever awarded), for his research and successful treatment of degenerative disease.

New Avenues Open Up

Gary began to develop his own organic herb farming and distillation operation in 1993 under the name Young Living Essential Oils. Purchasing land in Utah and Idaho, he began cultivating lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), peppermint, melissa (lemon balm), clary sage, and many other herbs. He designed and built the largest, most technologically advanced distillery for the production of essential oils in North America, developing a proprietary distillation process that preserves the integrity of essential oils. He has continued to expand his productive farming acreage in the United States, South America, and other countries around the world.

In 1995, Gary was invited to Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to present his research on plant germination and organic farming.

The company that Gary founded over two decades ago to produce the highest quality essential oils in the world, as well as to disseminate information and education about the many ways they can be used for human happiness and well-being, has grown to encompass more than 250,000 distributors in the U.S. and 20 foreign countries.

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"I am grateful to my Creator for giving me a second chance at life and for the blessing of being able to walk again. I desire to share with others what I have discovered through my own healing." - D. Gary Young

"Gary's mission is about research and the discovery of natural substances that benefit mankind. Gary has a strong belief in God, and it is that belief that drives him to accomplish so much. It is an honor to be part of his dream." - Mary Young

Gary and Mary Young, owners of Young Living Essential Oils.