As a Distributor

1. Enroll as a Distributor with the purchase of a Distributor Starter Kit.

2. Purchase the products of your choice and begin to experience first hand the life-enhancing effects of Young Living's unique essential oils, personal care and nutritional supplements. We recommend that you place an Autoship order so you can get the maximum commissions, rebates, and free product rewards.

If you're not enrolling with the Premium Starter Kit with Home, we hope you'll consider purchasing the Everyday Oils Collection either now or soon because it contains ten of our most popular and versatile essential oils and blends. This kit can last you many months and is well worth the price. Many thousands of people have enjoyed enhanced well-being and sheer pleasure using just these ten oils, one drop at a time!

For a serious boost to your energy, consider trying a two-pack of   NingXia Red Juice, our exclusive immune-supporting "super-juice" with record-breaking anti-oxidant levels and a taste that everyone loves. It's undeniably the best product of its kind on the market, containing more juice from whole fruits than any of the others, and uniquely contains no concentrates or re-constituted juice!

Order your Distributor Starter Kit and Enroll now.

Of course, if you see something else that you want to try, by all means, try it!

3. And finally, we warmly recommend that no matter what products you choose, you also get a "how-to" book. This is the best way to learn how to use Young Living's many essential oils and other life-enhancing products.

The 2018 YLEO product guide gives you very basic information on all YLEO products, but to learn much more about how to use the products to support your health, take a look at the "how-to" books in the Library! (They're available through

We hope you'll enjoy all the free information and training on this website (be sure to explore the Library for lots of immediate information on the methods and reasons for using essential oils).

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