Young Living has chosen the medium of network marketing to bring its life-changing products to consumers, because this person-to-person form of marketing allows the greatest amount of product knowledge to be disseminated.

Network marketing has evolved over the last 70 years or so from a marginal innovation to a mainstream marketing vehicle described by Robert Kiyosaki as "The Business of the 21st Century" (in his book of the same name).

The network marketing industry was reported as of the year 2000 to be generating approximately $20 billion dollars in product sales in the U.S. alone and $80 billion throughout the world and has increased significantly since then.

There are now also a host of excellent books on the subject to be found online, including ones by well-respected authors such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Brooks, Sarah Robbins, Mark Yarnell and others listed in our Library section.

Reading books and hearing the stories of others who have succeeded in the network marketing industry with the kind of perseverance required to make a success of any business is an excellent way to appreciate why the combination of Young Living's life-changing products and network marketing position you, the potential Distributor, for serious success--especially if you follow our proven, 8-step training program. You can see the basic elements of this system in our Free Training section.

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