The compensation plan determines how you, the Distributor, receive commissions.

The basic idea of the plan is simply this: When you enroll a new Member (Customer or Disributor) you will make commissions on the purchases of that Member. When that person enrolls a new Member, you will make commissions on the new person as well, and so on for multiple "levels" of new Members. The plan defines the levels, the requirements for receiving commissions and bonuses, the percentages, extra bonuses, and so on.

The Young Living Compensation Plan is as complex as a software program, but easy to use. A good way to think of it is like the software programs that come with a new computer. All you need to know at first is how to turn the machine on and get started, and perhaps write a letter. Then later, you may want to do some calculations on a spreadsheet, or draw pictures. Each time you want to do something new, you learn to do the next step. This is how our compensation plan works.

The most important thing to learn immediately is how you can start your business on a solid footing and make your first check. Once you've accomplished that, you'll see clearly how to achieve your chosen income goal, whether it's $300, $3,000 or $30,000 a month.

Here's the best way to get started

1. Enroll as a Distributor, purchasing any Distributor Starter Kit as your first order.
2. Then place a product order, preferably an Autoship order (which makes you eligible for maximum bonuses).
3. Get a book about how to use the oils right away.
4. Use the oils and personal care products as soon as you get them.
5. Tell everyone you know about your excitement and interest in using these products and starting your own business.
6. Start applying the 8 Steps to Success.
7. Explore new products, and keep learning from your experience.
8. Study the compensation plan to be sure you understand how to advance your Achievement Level for maximum commissions.

The secret to making an income immediately is the Customer Earnings, (since this commission alone pays you 24% on sales to your Customers) and the Fast Start Bonus.

The way to learn how to succeed in your business is outlined in the tried and true 8 Steps to Success. These 8 steps are the foundation steps used by almost every self-made millionaire in the network marketing industry. If you apply them consistently over a period of two to three years, you will have a solid, long-lasting, and lucrative business with Young Living Essential Oils.

To learn the details of how the plan works, read the overview and take a look at the Compensation Plan Diagram and the Commissions and Bonuses.

To learn the benefits of getting your own website subscription, including business building strategies and methods, click on Get Your Own Website.

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