As a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor you may:

  • purchase YLEO products at the wholesale price,
  • build a downline organization,
  • qualify to earn multiple commissions and bonuses on product sales, according to your Achievement level or Rank.

Young Living pays you commissions and bonuses on purchases made by Customers and Distributors in your downline organization.

The first person you enroll as a Distributor will be placed on the first level of your organization, and you will be that person's Enroller and Sponsor. This will create the first leg of your organization. Each new Distributor you sponsor on your first level creates a new leg in your organization.

When you enroll your second and subsequent Distributors and Customers, you may place them either directly under you (recommended), or under a previously enrolled Distributor.

For example, if you enroll Ann, and then you enroll Richard, you can "place" Richard under Ann. Ann would be Richard's "Sponsor." (You can remain Richard's Enroller or assign the Enroller status to Ann, too.)

Once a Member has been placed, they typically cannot be relocated at a later date.

NOTE: New Distributors will be placed on your first level, with you as both Enroller and Sponsor, unless you or the new Member contacts Young Living Member Services within 5 days of enrollment or in writing to Young Living Resolutions within 30 days and lets them know that you wish to place the new person under someone else in your organization.


Customers purchase products without becoming Distributors. They are not eligible to earn commissions. They pay 24% above the wholesale price, and that 24% is paid as a "Customer Earnings" commission to their Sponsor.

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