How to Build a Successful Independent Business
with Young Living

The best way to succeed in building your business is to copy what successful people have done before you. Almost every successful network marketer has followed these 8 steps. The key is to do these steps over and over again, until you meet your goals.

Step 1. Ask yourself why you want to build your own business with Young Living. Write out your answers. This is extremely important.

When you write something down, then ask yourself, "What will I get from that?" The answers to these questions will provide you with a strength of purpose to carry you through the inevitable challenges of learning a new business.

Step 2. Write a list of all the people you have known in your life. Minimum 100. No less. Better would be 200. Review the list and choose your top 25.

Step 3. Practice what you will say or write when you reach out to people. Do all of this with your sponsor or anyone else who will play with you. The important thing is to become very clear about the purpose of your letters, phone calls, conversations, and to be clear on what you want to say.

Step 4. Get basic marketing materials and set up your office. Remember, everything you do should be simple so that someone else can easily copy or "duplicate" what you have done. The Young Living CDs, DVDs, brochures and magazines are your "experts". Let them do the heavy lifting--the part of the marketing that delivers all the key information for you. This website is another excellent way to get information to people right away, before they've even seen a brochure or watched a DVD. Tell people to visit your site and guide them specifically about what to look for!

Step 5. Call and/or email your first ten contacts. Be yourself. Share your "oil story." Find out if this person is willing to simply "check out" this wonderful product/business you have found because you value their opinion. Keep your conversations short and simple. Send them an introductory CD or DVD and/or invite them to look at specific pages on your website.

Step 6. After you have made your initial contact, make another contact to follow up and find out what the person found most interesting in the materials you sent.

Listen carefully to what they say; encourage the person to ask questions. If the person has a genuinely curious or positive response, now is the time to simply ask the person if they would like to try some of our amazing essential oils.

Step 7. Place an order for your new Customer or Distributor or help her or him to do it (on line, by phone, or by fax). Be clear about the enrollment process (including the relative virtues of a person signing up as Rank 1 or Rank 2) before you do this. Discuss the details with your sponsor.

Step 8. Repeat the process, and teach your new Distributors to do the same. If you are willing to find 10 other people who are willing to do this 8 step process, and then teach it to others, you will be well on your way to success and prosperity. And the best part is that everyone who joins your business will be getting the unique and truly life-enhancing value that only pure therapeutic grade essential oils can bring!

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