Courses about Essential Oils

Learning about Young Living Essential Oils

Seminars and courses are given by Young Living trainers in cities around the U.S. throughout the year and also at Young Living's annual Convention. Please contact YLEO directly for the current calendar of trainings or check the Events section of this website to see if there are any happening soon in your area.

Courses on Essential Oils in General

"Aromatherapy Course"
(offered by correspondence or in selected cities several times per year)
The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
PO Box 6723, San Rafael CA
Tel: (415) 479-9121
Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Dir.

This course is not cheap but it's worth the price if you want a solid chemistry-based understanding of essential oils. This involves serious study. Not for the faint-hearted reader. Major emphasis is on chemistry; not so much on clinical application or the "art of the science." Call for information.

"Certificate in Aromatherapy"
Various courses are offered by the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, both online or on campus, including professional certificate programs. More clinically oriented than the PIA course, this one offers one-on-one tutoring.

To visit the website, where you can review the curriculum and enroll on-line go to:

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