Video and Audio Tapes

Audio Tapes

  1. "Start Right Now" by Stephen Spaulding and Hilton Johnson - 3-tape audio set. (A comprehensive review of what to do and say as you develop your business. Five stars!)
  2. "How to Build a Giant Heap, without your friends, family and neighbors" by Kim Klaver. (audio tape set) (An extremely practical guide to moving into the "cold" market, a great follow-up to "Start Right Now.")
  3. "The Womans Tapes" with such industry leaders as Sandy Elsburg, Jan Ruhe, Rene Yarnell, Peggy Long, and Venus Andrecht. (Perhaps one of the most inspiring tape sets for women.)
  4. "Brilliant Compensation" by Tim Sales--video or audio tape versions.
    (Probably the best-selling generic presentation about the elements of network marketing, and why it is the clear alternative to the corporate business model.)

  5. "Conversations with the Masters" available through www.networkingtimes.com, (probably the most inspiring collection of stories by "master" networkers available anywhere. Two volumes, which you can purchase individually.)

Video Tapes

  1. "Brilliant Compensation" available through www.networkingtimes.com.
  2. "Young Living Company Profile" - a really nice overview of YLEO.
  3. "Ancient Secrets of Life" - a professional videotape available through Essential Science Publishing
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