1. If you ever feel heat or discomfort from using an essential oil, putting a pure vegetable oil on it will "cool" it off within seconds.
  2. Do not use the "spicy" oils (such as  Peppermint,  Cinnamon,  Thyme, etc.) on the throat or other delicate areas. Use them on the feet or other areas where the skin is less sensitive.
  3. Pay attention to specific notices on your oil bottle labels. Sometimes you'll see a recommendation not to go out in the sun after using certain oils.
  4. Don't put essential oils in your eyes or directly into your ears.
  5. If pregnant, consult your "how-to" book for oils that are appropriate and inappropriate.
  6. Consult with your "how-to" book for how to use essential oils with your children.
  7. It's a good idea to first mix oils intended for a bath with a dispersing agent, such as  Bath Gel Base or a mixture of bath salts.

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