Which essential oils are best to use first?

Gary Young has made it easy to start using essential oils by creating Essential Oils Kits.

If you don't already have some knowledge of essential oils, we recommend that you start with:

Why do we need Essential Oils?

How do you use Essential Oils?

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Our Guarantee

1. The Everyday Oils Kit which contains the following oils and oil mixtures in 5 ml bottles--  Frankincense,  Lavender,  Lemon,  Peppermint,  Melaleuca Alternifolia,  Pan Away,  Purification,  Thieves,  Stress Away,  Joy.

2. "How-to" books written specifically about Young Living's unique single essential oils and essential oil blends can be found in the Library. (These books will make it easy for you to learn different ways to use your oils and to decide if there are any others you'd like to try in the future. And they're available through amazon.com)

3. You may also want to stop using products that contain noxious chemicals, like sodium laurel sulfate and propylene glycol (industrial grease-cutter and anti-freeze, respectively, not meant for human consumption). Gary Young has formulated chemical-free personal care products to replace conventional shampoo, toothpaste, mouth wash, skin cream, and bath and shower gels, for you and also for your kids! These are wonderful ways to start getting hidden poisons out of your life. They make great gifts, too.

If you'd like to try something in addition to the Everyday Oils Kit, take a look at How to Get Started or the Problems and Solutions pages to get some more ideas about where you'd like to begin.

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