Why are Young Living Essential Oils so special, and why should you choose them above all others?

In a word: Quality.

An essential oil that is pure, unadulterated, high quality, and even therapeutic grade is safe and powerfully effective for people of all ages. But poor quality oil can actually be harmful, especially if used repeatedly on the skin.

Oils that have been distilled too quickly or with too much heat and pressure will not have the balanced proportion of components that give an essential oil such safety and effectiveness:

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Our Guarantee

"It is important also to preserve the wholeness of an essential oil in order to guard its natural synergy (Greek, syn=together,ergon=work). The components making up an essential oil cooperate to produce their effect and, if these are altered in any way, the natural synergy is upset. When a single active component is removed, not only is the synergy of the remaining constituents diminished, but the isolated component generally needs much greater care when used alone. It may produce side effects with continued use. However, when present in the whole oil, the other constituents seem to act as quenchers' of these unwanted effects, enabling the oil to be used without harm."*

Oils from plants that have been grown improperly, picked at the wrong time of day, left lying in fields too long, or otherwise degraded by improper distillation or additives are not high quality. For this reason, Young Living not only has its own organic farms, but also contracts with farmers in other countries to grow plants to Young Living's standards as well. Quality control testing of every batch of oil by 2-4 independent laboratories further guarantees that not only our own oils, but those acquired from wholesalers around the world meet the highest standards under the most rigorous testing conditions

Young Living's quality control protocols are rigorously applied to every batch of oils placed in its warehouse for distribution to customers, arguably a system that is setting the standard for quality control in the aromatherapy industry in the U.S.

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*Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, by Len and Shirley Price, 1995, Churchill Livingstone, p. 23 -- available through www.abundanthealth4u.com.

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